Pets and kids during a renovation can add an additional level of complexity to a home renovation, along with the many other things you already have to think about and plan for. If you are planning on staying in the home whilst the renovations are taking place, ensuring safety for pets and children is crucial. Both animals and children are inquisitive and intrigued by new things happening in their surroundings. This means they will want to see what is going on and try their best at times to get amongst it all. To help, check out our tips for how to manage pets and young children during renovations.

Have separate entrances
Having separate entrances for workers and family members is a good idea for a couple of reasons. Firstly it means that the entrance that the family comes from should remain a lot cleaner and free from dust and building particles. Workers tend to get a lot of materials and grime on their boots, keeping this away from your little ones is ideal.
It also means that those random bits of material or dust are less likely to end up in the mouths of toddlers or little pets. We all know how much toddlers love to put things in their mouths.

Designated play areas
If you do not have a play room in your home, it is still a good idea to create a designated ‘safe’ place for the kids to play. You can create this in a separate room, taking over an office or loungeroom. Or you could section of an area of a room with baby gates or tape on the floor (if they are old enough to understand) and have that as their play area.
This will help to keep them away from any dangerous objects or getting in the way.

Mark off construction areas
If your children are old enough to understand, using a bright coloured tape, section off the area that they are not allowed to go near. By doing this they can see that it is a dangerous place to go and that they must stay away from it.
There will be times that they want to cross the line and sneak a peak, so offering to show them while they are safely with you should help to deter them from sneaking in on their own.

Keep pets outdoors
If you have an enclosed backyard where your pets can play safely without getting in the way of any construction, try to give them as much time out there as possible. An internal laundry with access to the backyard can make for a good temporary sleep area. Where they can still then go outside to do their business or come in if they need a rest.
Taking both the kids and pets out for regular walks r visits to the park will also help distract them from wanting to know what is going on at home.

Ensure construction equipment and tools are secured away
If your builders and contractors are going to be at your home over a number of days, ensure that they are keeping their tools and equipment tidy and out of the way when they aren’t being used.
Large machinery and equipment should be gated off when not in use and out of the way.
By keeping it all away and secured there is less chance of children or pets getting their wandering hands or paws near them.

Depending on the length of your renovations and the extent of the construction, it may also be an idea to relocate whilst it is being completed. There are options available around boarding or day care for pets so that they are well looked after and kept safe if you can not have them with you.

Safety is the number one priority and your builders and their teams should also be doing everything they can to keep you and themselves safe throughout.
Have a chat with them if you have any concerns or think that they need to look at how they are leaving the premise at the end of the day.
They are there to work with you and will appreciate you being open with them.

Managing a renovation and a family can be stressful at times, don’t be too hard on yourself. Enjoy the journey and speak to your builder about what works well for them as well. If you’re yet to find a builder then head to our directory to find someone that works in your area.