When you receive a quote, what is the first thing you look at? My bet is that you look at the price. Which of course is a very big part of the quote. Knowing whether or not you are going to be able to afford something is crucial. However what else do you take into consideration when looking at your quotes? There is a lot more than just price that you need to consider when receiving quotes. The cheapest quote may look appealing and suit your budget the best. But will it be the best choice? The most expensive quote, may not necessarily mean the best quality.
So what else should you compare and consider before agreeing to a quote?

Quality of work
If you have received quotes off a number of different builders, it is important to compare more than just their price. The quality of work that you are going to receive plays the most important part. You do not want to spend a lot of money to receive something you are not happy with, or that shows poor quality and workmanship.
Have a look at the different builders websites, social media pages and work that they have completed previously. This can help you to see what their quality and workmanship is like before agreeing to a quote.

Another great way to help you compare quotes is by getting recommendations from family and friends. By asking around and getting an idea of who others have been happy with, it will help you to see who are the more professional builders and who is providing the community with quality work. It also works for who you should avoid. If you have several people all suggesting to stay away from a particular builder, then it might be time to put their quote aside.

Another important thing to consider is the materials that the builders have said they will use. There are many different materials on the market, depending on what you are having done. Your quote should detail the materials that they are looking at using. If they are subpar materials that are not going to last or do not look quality, then this could reflect why their quote is lower than others.
High quality materials will attract a higher cost, however they are also more likely to last and look good in the home for longer.
If you are unsure on the different materials and what is being used, ask your builder. They should be happy to discuss it all with you and help you to understand what they are using and why,

Another important thing to consider and compare when looking at your quotes is the communication with the builder. Are you able to talk to them and ask them questions? Are they willing to help you understand the process and what is involved?
Communication is a key component between the builder and home owner. Without communication it can cause delays, errors and an unhealthy working environment.
If you are finding it hard to communicate with a builder who has provided you a quote, do you think it will get easier once you accept it?

As you can see, price is only one factor that you need to consider when engaging a builder. Take the time to look at each quote and all the factors surrounding it.
Renovations or new builds are expensive, time consuming and at times stressful. You want to make sure that you choose the right builder from the beginning. Someone who understands you and what you want to achieve. Who can communicate with you. And that can provide you with a professional and quality service throughout the entire build.
Remember that your budget still needs to be set and the quote needs to be within this. But that doesn’t mean going with the cheapest one to keep the most money in your pocket. Doing that may actually backfire and result in you having to pay a lot more, especially if you need to engage someone else to come in and fix things or redo it a few years down the track.

Take your time and choose wisely. Check out the builders in our directory who all come highly recommended.