Once you have the layout and design of your renovation approved and ready to get started, the next thing you need to look at is your colour palette. Choosing the colours for your new renovation can be a lot of fun. Looking at all the different colours available (who would have thought there were so many shades of white!) Colours are not just for the colours of the walls either. You need to look at the different appliances and structures within the room including benchtops and cupboards. As it is your renovation, you are also responsible for choosing the colours of these as well. But how do you choose the colours?

Look at different inspirations
One way to help you choose the colours for your new renovation is by jumping online and checking out different designs. You will be able to see hundreds of different styles, designs and colour matches to help you decide on what is going to work for you.
You can also visit paint stores and look at their sample swatches to get an idea of how the different colours look in different light. Remember anything you see online can be altered or edited to look brighter or darker depending on what they are trying to achieve with the image.

Think about your personality
If you are renovating your home, it is only natural to want a piece of your personality though out the home. This can be achieved through your colour palette. It may be that you end up with a feature wall or a splash back in your favourite colour. Or a different paint technique to showcase a quirky side. When choosing your colours, it should be something that makes you feel happy, comfortable and wanting to be in the newly renovated space.

Look at what is in style
There are timeless classics when it comes to interior design and style. And then there are also the current trends that come and go. Look at what is currently in style and see whether this is a fit for you and your home. Also look at the classics and see if they would be better suited.

Match to the rest of the home
Before you go ahead and make a bold statement with your newly renovated space, look at the rest of the home for inspiration when choosing your colour palette. Although it is a new space within the home, it is still important to make it feel like home. This means that by matching it in with the rest of the home, you will feel comfortable and secure within it. This could mean giving the whole home a new paint job – if you aren’t happy with the existing colours. Or matching the new space with the older parts of the dwelling.

Choose something that will last
The last thing you want to do is repaint or change bench tops in 3 years time because the colours you chose have become outdated and you are no longer happy with them. Going with neutral or natural colours will help them to stay classic and dated. Where as bright and bold colours may become outdated and out of style a lot quicker. Your new space should make you feel happy and content for years to come.

There are a lot of different variables when it comes to choosing your colour palette. Getting sample paint and sample materials in your chosen colours means that you can take them home and trial them out on different parts of the walls and countertops before committing to them. This can help you to be 100% sure on your choice before investing in the supplies or confirming with your builders.

Enjoy the process of choosing your colour palette. Get the whole family involved and discuss what every likes and doesn’t like. If you are renovating childrens rooms, let them have a say (within reason of course) on the colours. The more they like their room, the more chance that they stay in it overnight 😉

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What other tips do you have for choosing the colours for your reno?