When it comes time to pick the builder for your new build or renovations, there are plenty to choose from. My Neighbourhood Builder aims to make this process a little easier by providing you with up to 6 builders who service your local area. This way you know you’re getting a builder who is familiar with the local council rules. The important thing is to pick the right builder for you and your project. Each builder will have their specialties and types of projects that they take on. It is important to take your time when picking your builder and find someone that ticks all your boxes. Check out below our handy tips on how to pick the right builder for you.

One of the first things you should look for is a builder who has experience in similar projects. Someone who understands what it is that you want done and has completed projects similar to it in the past. By having experience in the same area it means you are more likely to receive an above standard and professional job. Rather than choosing someone who has not done anything similar and is going in somewhat blind.

Positive reviews
Once you have a few builders that you are considering for the job, take the time to look at reviews that they have received online. By reading about the experiences that other people have had with them, it will help you to shape a picture on the builder, their work ethic and the quality of their work. Positive reviews can help make a big difference when choosing who you want to complete your build or renovation.

A big positive when choosing your builder is finding someone that you can communicate well with and trust with completing the job. If you are not able to communicate with them, it can cause added stress throughout the build. Delays on different parts if information is not passed on. And it can cause arguments and frustration from both parties.
You will be able to tell rather quickly whether or not the trust and communication is there between the two of you. Pretty much from the first point of contact and whether they are willing to speak to you and answer your questions from the beginning.

Quoting and price
Now, the cheaper builder isn’t always the best choice. And the most expensive builder doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get the best quality work. A builder who takes the time to come out and quote you on the project and then has the time to explain the quote to you and answer any questions that you have, is someone worth considering.
The price of the project of course is going to play a part in who you choose to go with. It needs to be someone that is within your budget. Just make sure you do not simply go with the lowest price because it means more money in your pocket. If you do go with the lowest, go with it because you believe they are the best builder for the job.

One of the most important things to check when picking your builder is that they are certified and able to complete the works under their licence. Different trades people are allowed to undertake different tasks and projects. Being a builder does not automatically mean that they are able to complete everything that is connected to the build. If plumbing or electrical work is required ensure that they are either licenced to do the work or that they have organised the correctly licenced trades person to come in and complete those works.

Take the time to speak to a couple of different builders before picking the one that you want to go with. Word of mouth and referrals from friends and family come in handy. But still do your own research and pick someone based on your own preference.
Check their certifications and licences before agreeing to any works being done. And make sure you see a written quote that is signed before they begin the work.
Once you find your builder, you should be able to trust and communicate with them throughout the whole project. They are there to make things easier for you and should be willing to accommodate you and your needs.

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