Are you looking to start building on your property? Maybe an extension? Renovations to the existing dwelling? Or adding an additional dwelling such as granny flat? There is a lot of planning and organising that goes into a renovation. Not only finding the correct builders and trades people for the job, but also in the design process. There are probably a million ideas going through your head on how you want it to look. Or the opposite. You have no idea what you want. So where can you look for ideas for your next build or reno?

Display homes
One place to start is by looking at display homes and the features that they have. If you are planning a bathroom or kitchen reno, you will be able to look at many different designs and features in these homes. This can help you to determine the things you like and things you don’t. Seeing the new kitchens and bathrooms give you an idea of what is in style at the moment. You can then decide if it is something that you like and would be happy with added to your home.

Believe it or not, google may be your best friend during the idea planning stage. Jumping onto Google and searching different designs and styles will bring up hundreds of different images that you can browse through. This can be a long process and you may become overwhelmed with the options. It is a good idea to have a few ideas before you start your search. This way you can narrow down your searching and get the results that you are most likely to love.

Trades previous works
Many builders and trades people have galleries of their completed work on their website or social media pages. Looking through these can help you not only choose a design or style that you like but can also help you to choose the contractors that you want working on your home.
You can see their work, professionalism and expertise through their work that they have completed in the past.

Family and friends
Another place to get inspiration and ideas is through family and friends. If someone you know has recently finished a renovation, or are in the middle of one. Why not ask if you can take a look at it. You can see the work in action and the completed product. It can help you to decide if something similar may work in your home or not.
Family and friends are also a great place to start for recommendations and opinions on different things. It could be that they have added in something that you want in your home. They can give you a honest opinion on whether it has made their lives easier or if they don’t like it. Just remember though, everyone is different. So their opinion, although may be right for them – may not be for you.

Much like Google, Pinterest will give you hundreds of different images to sort through and get you excited about your potential renovation. Many businesses and home owners upload their images of work done so that others can see the before and after.

Before you go ahead and get your plans drawn up, a draftsman or architect can help you with ideas and getting your design ready. They have experience in this exact area and can offer advice, recommendations and ideas to help you put the process all together. They may also have images on their websites that you can browse through. Showing their completed designs and how they fit in with the existing dwellings.

The design and style process can take some time. It is important not to rush it or make any hasty decisions. Renovations are an expensive investment and you want to get it right the first time. So if you are not 100% sure on something, sleep on it and see how you feel the next day.

You do not need to give an answer straight away. Find an architect or builder you can take all your ideas to and that will work with you to make your dream renovations happen. Check out those that are included in our directory
And remember, have fun! Enjoy the journey!